Fr. Bill Leahy, SJ: “I’m the most badass president in Boston”

Despite the dangerous outdoor conditions, and the fact that the rest of major Boston schools (and Boston University) have canceled classes today, Boston College president, Fr. Bill Leahy, now considers himself “the most badass university president in Boston” for continuing to hold classes with only a minor delay (10:30 AM).

The New England Classic had an exclusive interview with the president this morning in the Plex, while he was “grinding, bro.”

“Yo, I’m so hard,” said Fr. Bill Leahy while bench pressing. “I fear nothing. I don’t give a shit about anything. We’re having school today, and I’m fucking amped about it. A little snow never hurt anyone. State of emergency? Closed BC parking lots? Mayor Walsh asks all non-emergency workers to stay home? Suspended MBTA rail service? Fuck yeah! This is so sick. Look at Boston College, who’s going to stop us now? No parents! No rules! Let’s fucking go! What is ‘safety,’ anyway? Aren’t we all safe in the hands of The Lord? Anyways, good luck driving to school on those roads! Jesus, take the wheel!”

Leahy paused. “Can you spot me for a second on this last set, please? Thanks, bro. I love my morning pump.”

After finishing his reps on the bench press and punching himself in the chest a few times, Leahy called out the rest of Boston’s university presidents: “Hey, pussies! Aww, what? Are you scared of a little snow? I don’t fear death like you mere mortals! I will live forever! I’m talking to you over at Harvard, President Faust! You’re a woman, man! You could never be a priest like me, bro! I’m the most badass college president in Boston! Ha!”

At press time, the majority of Boston College students and professors were wondering where Fr. Bill Leahy got a permit to risk their safety and allow them to have school today.


Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.