Students Complain College Curriculum Getting In The Way Of Sleepaway Camp

CHESTNUT HILL The Office of Student Services has reported a major increase in the volume of complaints in the past 14 days. Calls and emails have been pouring in from distraught students from Walsh to Newton Campus complaining that the school work being assigned to them is interfering with their dream summer camp experience.

One such student, Katie Carpenter (MCAS ‘21), came to Boston College with the expectation of enjoying the freedom provided by being away from her parents for the first time. “I was eagerly awaiting the classic camp experiences: making friends, having sleepovers, playing basketball, eating meals in the cafeteria, and engaging in hijinks,” she told The Classic, “but my professors aren’t on the same page!”

Complaints are rampant that the constant assignments professors have been assigning have been overloading students with an unnecessary burden.

Joe Quincy (MCAS ’18) talked about his experience with being assigned a paper in his political science class. “I just don’t know when our teachers expect us to do this work! I have classes all day, then my 4Boston placement, dinner with a friend, a meeting for CAB, a reflection, then I’m off to a talk, plus I have intramural soccer, and there’s simply no way for me to fit this into my schedule. You’ve got to prioritize, you know?”

Quincy is not alone. Christopher Mulready (MCAS ’19) also complained about the workload, explaining, “College is supposed to be the best four years of your life. You have to make the most of it and spend your time making memories you are never going to forget. What are you going to remember in twenty years? Going mod-hopping with your friends, playing FIFA with your roommates, exploring Boston, and going to tailgates… or that time you did the problem set for physics? It’s a no-brainer.”

While professors have been resistant to embrace the shift away from academia, citing their role as educators not counselors, the movement has found footing with one administrator. After seeing the tremendous demand for a camp experience, Fr. Leahy has pounced on the fundraising opportunity that was presented. Scraping the current ten-year plan, he ordered blueprints drawn up for barrack-style dorms and mess hall dining. Fr. Leahy is already launching an aggressive rebranding of the university, with the tagline Boston College CAMPus.” 

At press time, CAB was spotted on O’Neill Plaza distributing matching t-shirts for campers and staff.  



Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.