Abroad In Berlin, Addazio To Miss Wake Forest Game

Abroad In Berlin, Addazio To Miss Wake Forest Game

BERLIN Football head coach Steve Addazio will be missing Saturday’s game after a controversial last-minute decision to study abroad in his fifth year on the Heights. According to The Classic’s international correspondents, the full-figured adventurer has been spotted taking pictures in front of the Berlin Wall and planning day trips to the German countryside.

“It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, I guess,” said Addazio in a recent interview. “But I spent all summer trying to convince my parents, and they finally caved! I’ve been really good about knocking out my core requirements, and I’m making pretty good progress on my major.”

Since landing at the Dazzendorf airport, Addazio has been immersing himself in local student life by coaching an intramural fußball team, joining the Oktoberfest fan council, and babysitting for his host family’s young children. On the weekends, he plans to hit the street markets to pick up some authentic lederhosen and a beer stein.

“I hope those dudes across the pond are doin’ okay without me, ja?” reported Herr Addazio. “Who are they playing this week? The Black Forest or something?” Back home in Chestnut Hill, assistant coach Frank Leonard has been reassuring players that Coach Addazio just stepped out to get a bottle of mustache polish from City Convenience, and will be back any minute.

At press time, Addazio had just set up his own study abroad blog, www.GuysBeingMensch.wordpress.com.



Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.