Anxious Junior Worried She Might Step Outside Comfort Zone Abroad

FOSTER STREET Rachel Weber (MCAS ’19) has been planning her spring semester in Parma, Italy for months now. However, as she begins to think about what her time abroad will bring, the nerves are starting to set in.

“I know it will be okay,” explained Weber, who will be taking 5 classes in English and living with two other girls from BC. “But I’m starting to worry. What if something unexpected or different happens to me? And worse, what if I learn from the experience and grow as a person?”

Weber has taken several precautions to elude anything that might lead to unwanted cultural exchange. She carefully avoided the homestay option that would have left her deserted with only locals and chose weekend travel destinations where other BC students in her social circle were living. And yet, there is still a sinking feeling that she might be forced into relating with people from different backgrounds or cultures.

At press time, Weber couldn’t be reached for comment but said that updates about her trip could be found at @worldwideweber on Instagram.   


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