We Got High and Shouldn’t Have Written This Article

Well it looks like this is where we’ve ended up, you guys. “What happened?” we bet you’re all wondering. “How did they get here?” Well, maybe we got a little bit too high and shouldn’t have written this article.

As you may know, today is April 20th, the counterculture holiday for celebrating and consuming cannabis. So what if we decided to have a little bit of fun with the ganja? Maybe we fired up a joint of straight chronic, hot-boxed our mom’s Toyota Corolla and then played hacky sack in the middle of a field. Maybe the smell of our bud attracted a group of teenage stoner/skateboarders, who then packed a few bowls of hydro.

Who knew it would turn into this? We were just trying to have a few laughs and a few bong rips, then someone made the mistake of sitting down at a computer and typing this article up. We spent hours writing this while stoned off our asses on some loud kush that we scored from our roommate’s brother’s friend Sam.

Look we’re not perfect, we know that. As the herb was dwindling, we started to think an article wouldn’t get written. But finally someone came through with a fresh blunt and we managed to extend our high for a few more hours. After eating a couple slices of ‘za and sparking a few more joints, we said “fuck it” let’s just publish this article.



Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.