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Group Project Member Can’t Meet At That Time

CHESTNUT HILL, MA — Citing a variety of reasons why it just wouldn’t work for her, group project member Carrie Massie (MCAS ‘18) announced Wednesday morning that she simply couldn’t meet at the nearly unanimously agreed upon time. “Sorry guys, but that’s just no good for me,” Massie messaged in the GroupMe chat created for the collaborative Intermediate Spanish II project. This news came as a surprise to many of her groupmates, as only one day earlier Massie had expressed a strong desire to “get together and work out who’s doing what” for the assignment. Nevertheless, the obviously involved Economics major was forced to break the nonspecific bad news to her disappointed peers, assuring them that it was “pretty important.”

Several of Massie’s groupmates expressed displeasure towards her contrarian attitude, alleging that only moments earlier the group had been making strong progress towards picking a meeting time. “Sean had just liked my message about getting together Wednesday afternoon, and Hope sent an arrow pointing up at it. It really seemed like we were going to get this done painlessly”, reported Timothy Lee (MCAS ‘19), the de-facto leader of the group. “Unfortunately, Carrie’s bafflingly busy schedule, as well as fate I suppose, had other plans.” Although known to be a member of only one club on campus, Massie was simply unable to make this time work. “Any other day this week would be good guys, seriously,” she informed her group, “except maybe not Friday, or Sunday night.”

The yet to be started Spanish project, which was assigned two whole weeks ago, accounts for a large percentage of the course’s final grade, and has accordingly led to increased tensions within the group. Two group members have gone on record asserting that Carrie’s absence was more of a minor irritation more than any kind of problem. “I don’t know why we have to revolve the project around Carrie’s schedule”, explained Lee, “I’ll end up doing the whole project myself as usual.” Hope Schwartz (MCAS ‘20) harbored similar feelings, stating that no matter who can meet at what time, she would be the one who “stays up all night slaving away.” Sean McAllister (CSOM ‘18), who had been planning to cancel at the last minute anyway, reportedly had no strong feelings on the matter.

At press time, the group had agreed to meet in Lower on Thursday afternoon, although Schwartz wanted to know if they could instead meet in Fulton, and McAllister warned that he might be five or ten minutes late, if that’s ok.


Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.