Comedic Genius Leaves Witty Comment In Class Facebook Group

THE INTERNET — Eric Garnett (CSOM ‘20) was on a comedic tear in the Class of 2020 Facebook group last week after stumbling across multiple posts from people he knew.

“If I see one of my friends post in the group, I automatically have to comment something funny and clever,” said Garnett, who claims he is not currently considering a career in comedy but more so dabbles in it part-time.

“They’re usually looking for serious answers, which is why it’s so funny that I, as their friend, comment something facetious,” he added. “It’s kind of my thing.”

Recently, Garnett’s good friend Anna Plumpmeir posted in the Official Class of 2020 group, saying she lost her ID and was hoping to track it down. Garnett commented, “Oh, are you looking for your real or fake ID?” The comment received two likes and two “haha” reacts, which he described as a “success.”

“That was really funny,” reported Plumpmeir after seeing the comment. “Not only did he demonstrate his immense comedic prowess, but he also showed the other 3,878 members that we are great friends who like to mess around with each other.”

Another member of the friend group, Paul Blarmalcop, uploaded a picture of six books from last semester that he was selling with no idea what kind of killer wit was in store for him.

Just seven minutes after the post, Garnett saw his opportunity and pounced.

“Don’t buy from this guy! He’ll rip you off!” the comment read.

Multiple eyewitnesses who saw Blarmalcop read Garnett’s comment reported he chuckled and said “Oh, Eric!” while jokingly shaking his fist at the screen.

Garnett’s most recent escapade involved his own roommate, who posted a request looking for someone to split an uber to Logan Airport that weekend for break. Garnett commented a simple “no thanks,” even though his roommate already knew he was taking the train home.

At press time, Garnett was still waiting for his roommate to see his comment and hopefully throw him a like. “He’s gonna love this one.”



Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.