Last Reference To Hopes And Dreams Deleted From Resume

CHESTNUT HILL — Driven by the fear of looking unprofessional and a desire to convey maturity, Boston College junior Flynn Carter deleted the line “Assistant Director – 2015 Libertyville High Musical” from his resume Monday night.

Like many juniors in the midst of the summer internship hunt, Carter realized that when it comes to the real world, “doing what you love just won’t cut it.”

“It’s not about getting what you want out of life,” the docile economics major said. “It’s about buckling down and doing what makes good financial sense.”

Despite repeated feedback from the Career Center that recruiters “like to see the real you,” Carter maintains that if none of his competitors believe that, he won’t either.

What many people fail to understand, he told reporters, is that there are multiple types of lofty aspirations.

“If you were really into service or something in high school, well that’s a good thing, you can still do that. But theatre? That…that’s just not going to happen.”

Many of Carter’s classmates echoed these sentiments. Julia Raymond (CSOM ‘19) confessed to reporters that she herself had removed several such items from her resume.

“If it doesn’t showcase a useful skill, and it’s not applicable behind a desk, why take up space with it when something like ‘Participant – EY Case Competition 2017’ looks much better?” William Mueller (MCAS ‘18) said. “Hopes and dreams are just that: dreams.”

After asking them to comment, several recruiters told New England Classic reporters that Carter’s GPA simply wasn’t high enough to merit an interview.



Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.