Our Story

In November of 2007, two Sophomore girls thought it would be funny to knock down the wall in their Quad to create the first 8-man ever seen on College Road.  Then they thought it would be even funnier if there was a newspaper to write about this story, and so, The New England Classic was born. Passed on from class to class,  The New England Classic eventually expanded from a small group of goofballs publishing articles in print to a BIG group of goofballs publishing articles online.

Through our semi-anonymous critique of Boston College culture, we encourage fellow Eagles to laugh and comment on the many issues on campus today, without taking themselves too seriously. The only source of satirical news at BC, we are named after the tastiest sandwich on the Hillside Cafe menu. Like the sandwich, The New England Classic brings a surprising crunch of green apple to all our articles, complemented by the familiar taste of turkey.

Nowadays, we are almost entirely online, but we hold true to our roots by publishing print issues once a semester before finals week. As a completely independent publication, we receive no monetary support from Boston College. We have no office or designated area on campus, and meetings are conducted about twice a month at various locations. Our writers have given their blood, sweat, and honey mustard to make The New England Classic a well-known name at BC. We are extremely grateful for your support. For more information, contact us at, or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.