Banana In Backpack Just Happy To Tag Along For The Ride

O’NEILL LIBRARY – After opening her backpack to get a textbook, Sally Yekaterinburg (MCAS ‘19) caught a glimpse of the banana she had packed that morning. “I try to bring a little something healthy to snack on between classes, but I’m not really feeling it right now,” reported Yekaterinburg before zipping up her backpack again.

According to the banana, it’s just “nice to get out of the house for a little bit.”

“We’ve been doing this for a few days now–Sally will put me in her backpack, open it, and see me a couple times a day. At the end of the day, she brings me home and does the same thing the next day. Some fruits think this lifestyle is exhausting, but I love it, man. I’ve always had a bad case of wanderlust.”

At press time, Yekaterinburg was seen purchasing a snack from the vending machine while the banana patiently waited for another peek of light from her backpack.


Legal: The NEC is a dope work of satire.